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We’re proud to sponsor the Westpac Business Awards People’s Choice Award because it’s chosen by the people who should matter most for any business - their customers

Because everything we do is designed with the customer at the centre, we develop smart digital strategies that transform the way all kinds of businesses connect with their customers,

Using inbound marketing to entice your customers with great offers and incentives, giving them a reason to engage with you when they're ready.

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  • Hype & Dexter specialise in delivering digital strategies and solutions that put customers at the centre of everything a business does...

  • Customers are calling the shots, and those who aren’t listening, are getting left behind.

  • We help businesses get fit for the future, and transform the way they do things through alignment of their sales, marketing and customer service efforts.

  • We provide our clients with digital solutions that give them a single view of the customer, and the tools to talk their customers, with segmentation and personalisation, at scale.

  • And we know how to walk the talk: we're a Platinum HubSpot Partner & were just named APACs Rookie of the quarter.

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